Billing Policy

Busse & Busse, P.C., P.C. provides its clients with periodic detailed billing statements which set forth identification and description of all legal work performed, including the identity of the professional conducting each task, the time spent on the task and the rate for each professional involved.

All billable time is measured in increments of 0.1 hours. Busse & Busse, P.C., P.C. charges its clients only for the actual time spent on tasks and does not utilize “minimum billing entries” for any tasks.

We do not charge our clients for those efforts and costs, which we consider to be our overhead involved in managing our law firm.

Busse & Busse, P.C., P.C. believes that litigation costs can be controlled through the exercise of timely and thorough reporting and budgeting. We recognize that the cost of litigation must be viewed from the client’s perspective, and the analysis and value of a given case.

We also offer flexible billing arrangements where appropriate to accommodate the unique needs of our clients.

We look forward to the privilege of representing your interests and the interests of your insureds. We welcome the opportunity to personally answer any questions about Busse & Busse, P.C., P.C.